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Old Advertisements (QT Movies)

The Cass-Clay Museum proudly presents six television commercials from 1983. You'll see our animated superhero Scooperman and his pals Betty and Billy battling the sinister Junk Food Snarf. You'll meet Pancho Vanilla, Scooperman's ice cream amigo; Hownow the Brown Cow, who gives only chocolate milk; and the dancing milk containers Half-Pint and Sidney Carton. Also, two live-action commercials demonstrate how Cass-Clay 2% Milk provides refreshment and energy for people with an active lifestyle. Download and enjoy!

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Recent History

Cass Clay
( QuickTime 6.1 MB )



( QuickTime 2.1 MB )


Boys of Summer
( QuickTime 2.2 MB )


Ancient History

Hownow the Brown Cow
( QuickTime 1.2 MB )



Pancho Vanilla
( QuickTime 1.2 MB )


Half-pint & Sidney Carton ( QuickTime 1.2 MB )



The Snarf
( QuickTime 1.5 MB )


( QuickTime 1.5 MB )



( QuickTime 1.2 MB )







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